The Subliminal E​.​P.

by Airklipz

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The Follow up to last years "No Subliminals EP", this is the last EP before the album drops next year. Its All About Critical Thinking!!!


released October 16, 2015

Tracks 1 and 3 produced by Jammy Git
Tracks 2 and 4 produced by Session 600
Tracks 5 produced by Chiba
Bonus Track produced by Eddie Ethics

All tracks recorded and mixed by Jammy Git except "Balance", which was recorded and mixed by Jammy Git and Eddie Ethics and "Rhyme" which was recorded by Jammy Git and mixed by Session 600. All tracks mastered by Tricksta.
©2015 Parachute Entertainment

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Artwork by Cyn



all rights reserved


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Airklipz Lewisham, UK

All I do is link words together in a rhyming pattern. All I say is all I see, the sum of which adds up to me. All the views and opinions expressed are a direct response to the state of things in South-east London. I am a product of my environment. I am me. I am AIRKLIPZ!!! ... more

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Track Name: The Subliminal Intro
I'm I'm floating like a parachute I'm parachutes paragraphist I'm paraphrasing on these parasites panoramic And balaclavic with Anna she's bratislavic the money's tarnished The beef seasoned and garnished The calmest usually sees deepest and farthest But our clique thinks old schoolly like team arliss One in cartridge rotation puff it and pass it Never talk to them bastards till we up in a casket Get car sick and don't arse lick and so I pedal by Also cuz it's hard to track my movements I'm that rebel guy To pass and not get arse kicked Cast as the drastic non smoker thatll vape Motherfucker if he blasts it
Came out of incarceration my parts is facing past innovation Partly last to grasp the end task we chasing Fast indication Of class and station And classification Cast out and waiting for parts to change in the hearts of the bacon Harken and hasten The arts starts as amazing it's so vast what we wasting the arse and the face are the same cuz they both pass what we wasting I'm darting and pacing and carting and racing Hearty but ancient and partly contagious While they start from bottom I started adjacent They started complacent I'm past entertainment I'm more like containment And all I can say is hope it's all in one payment I was born in one stable A small and unstable boy on the way to a seat at the table A sword for those speaking in fables I'm calling em out I'm all about the falling from grace and the all in her face after fornicating all in her place With my sword in her waist And I'm all in I'm calling on all mine to fall in and we can all win
Track Name: Rhyme
Blazing a zubby make the words come to me
Is what I'd rather do she thinks I want the puni
I get intoxicated of the words I'm pushing
Go thru my brain like a train on the track
Maintain I'm engaging pain with the facts
Is all I'll ever do always wanted to
But I put the c in front of it and it turned into
So now I'm making amends
I'm making pretend
For all those I'd mistaken as friends
Is what I do when I'm being me cuz I rhyme
Cuz there's no us there's just u and me and the
I'll get all biblical
In the beginning there was the word and another word and the both words

That's what they did they
like hearing de la fucking soul as a kid they

But now the rhymings ahead the
The bars raised the timings irregular
Rhymed for 5mics in the source that's irrelevant
Rhymed for a lifetime in a Porsche but was hesitant
Rhymed for my time in court but was represented by a fool
And got two over the estimate

Yh that what I do I
These other rappers they ain't got a fucking clue to
U see me on the train tapping on my shoe
Just know my brains buzzing looking for a word or two to
Composing lyrics watch my brain catching spirits
Is how I think I give a fuck about a critic
I screw my face when I'm pursuing a specific
And now I'm just seeing letters in dream sequence
Frequent ly I'm conceiving an indecent
For years they had me behind bars so I
I can't recall my first five bars when I
I just recall who I spat too
The Breda who I'd break bread with and pass straps to he'd hear me

And he'd say that I had the hardest
We bit the case but he swallowed all of the charges
Is what he said that I must do
Keep your shit fly them garms in krush groove and so I

Rhymed for 5mics in the source that's irrelevant
Rhymed for a lifetime in a Porsche but was hesitant
Rhymed for my time in court but was represented by a fool
And got two over the estimate

Yh that what I do I
These other rappers they ain't got a fucking clue to
U see me on the train tapping on my shoe
Just know my brains buzzing looking for a word or two to
Dissecting cro getting ready to go I
Back in the days I was ahead of the flow and
Hearing these rappers spit repetitive flows and
I felt incredible
Cuz I could spit like they spit but I could also spit a colder more edible

So I started to call em out in
Didn't say no names just the way and things that they shout in
They started to listen and writtens were bitten now my compositions are missing no consent or permission just

My whole life's been a mission in
I spilt my heart and told my priceless decisions in

So now my rhymings peculiar
Mine is prime time in Tyneside with Julia
Rhymed for one night with natalie imbruglia
Rhymed for one flight to Saturn via Jupiter

Rhymed for one place in fame
And got fascinated by a flame
And got chained some where with Lucifer

Yh that what I do I
These other rappers they ain't got a fucking clue to
U see me on the train tapping on my shoe
Just know my brains buzzing looking for a word or two to
Track Name: I Sound Alone
Like minds transcend space and bend lines I write rhymes my templates suspend time I'm quite mindful of lies in bibles And crimes committed for spite or for survival I rise an icon friends bite like pythons Get wrapped like nylon Whenever the mics on And I get eager when the mics on South paw when I'm on my Mike ty son Graded higher than any rapper aspire to envy dapper the flyer Breda attached to the flyest ho I'm actually inspired my midas glow Making my fingers tingle turning highness to gold I'm on a roll rolling thru on my own No set to claim I disown Affiliations that don't like how I've grown I'm only a man Consoled by smoking rollies in dam And looking at bitches in Windows Making doe while they stand Alone
Game boy 8 bit vision seeming impaired When I change boy to man slipping spliff in the air My condition Is caused by my local politician Cuz what she's calling a crime ring we call a commission I'm on a mission To physically force siblings to listen To reality rap give em facts dismissing fiction No wishing wells where we dwell Call the system we live in hell Where feds keep switching positions itching to keep us held My vision Is setting spirits free like exorcism No ism and no paradigms leading to prisons Living amongst the ones that give and the monsters who believe to get to the top they gotta munch stuff And that stuff is us And now enough's enough Too many bruvs in cuffs We call their bluff and rush But when we collide I find I'm fighting stone Nobody with me talking to myself and writing poems Alone
Track Name: Make U A Killer Ft AOA
Blazing a Jay fading away amazing the way i break in a bredas station and wait patient and realize that he's on vacation
I get impatient
Racing thru a mind riddled with a case of sublime messages intertwined with my tv when I'm on recline and I find
Can focus the mind best when u trying to cope with divine stress
Living in a matrix in a world satisfied with fake shit
Take shit only if I had to
Living where the feds grab u for a bag or a bag or a bag it don't matter when they fucking bag u

Hustle. get paid
Free man. yet slave
To the laws of an old seaman
Feel like he man when the debts paid
Hes a ghee man so he gets cake
Feeds man on his estate
In deep so he's on the streets when the feds creep round when it gets late
And he sleeps light on the best days
On the worst days he don't sleep much
Cuz he's up nights doing street stuff
Not Nice in the least bruv
He got stopped twice by police when he got released bredas said he leaked off
So I'm up here in his yard with my last card just to plug the leak up


Should I leave should I go should I stay
Should I wait

Should I do him something is the big debate
Never litigate

Never talk to pigs and snakes less it's no comment
Hold on it don't want it
Then don't bring it

If u never lived it then you'd be the witness to the ones that never did it

Never been it so they're clever critics
And they're ever criticizing
Everybody else and they're sizing
Everybody's wealth and they're hiding
In plain sight
And they're siding with those who take life
Riding a fake kite
Till when they arrive at a place right for the blind
Sights from the mind not from the eyes

So that u awaken inside first
Living with the blind cursed with divine thirst
Seeking out gold but they find dirt
And I mind out

Take a bredas mind out
If he thinks I'll let it slide
Motion be denied
Find himself on time out

Signed out on the crime route no the crime root
Was my prime doubt
In my minds eye in the nights sky on my flight high to my hideout

To my hideout
Ride out with his nine ounces
Reed up I count five bounces
Peed up and no one got r I p ed off
Track Name: Think Critically
Saint and Satan sound awfully similar and That's sinister sins of the father making us marga harbouring militant ambitions of Larger positions I'm hard at work wishing on rising from dirt kissing The davinci vape instead of twisting my great escape I elevate on smokeless clouds No longer a roach allowed I float a mile while my Christian past Blends into a Gnostic present Just like I'm acting at his birthday like I lost his present The future is promised to only the darkness That's why it seems the nice get outlived by the heartless Price of the life is the gift the departed Realize but never realizing their target Seeing eyes are never all seeing we all semen before we wanna be anything else And now we call anything wealth We value wealth even over our health So we'd rather just die wealthy Than living poor and healthy I know that u all felt me But too much pride as ever to say help me So we respond with a fist bump And let our Knuckles touch as we pass That gesture it speaks volumes to those of our class I'm classed as poor By those who know what they classed us for But I refuse to go and sign on at half past four So I'm passed on A real life hustler the last one The type to get you snow in a drought call me the last Don
I'm physically fit In shape for any military shit I'm flipping the script on these arseholes who quick to inflict Like a kick to the dick on the poor while they miss out the rich In the kitchen with more of the heat still they never get nicked And it's raw And I'll kick door down if ever get snitched by my core Circle or crew or clique or bitch I was with from before My instant rapore instantly switches off I inch close to the door or the weapon i brought I'm echoing thoughts I transmit em And I'm in love with this music here I stand smitten Them Stan Smith's on my feet I land lightly when I skip to my beat I'm scripted by street convicted of surviving the peak And not riding the weak cuz I get it dear and supplying em cheap And you ride with me and then we ride for life find so we keep It's right No hidden messages when I write what i written tonight Just listen close cuz every rhyme is officially mine