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by Airklipz

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I got The Monies!
Tea Leaves 02:48
and i could die to this song here sometimes i don't wanna survive all these long years all advice goes in one ear comes out the other almost died but this one bre told me life's not a fun-fair its an old joke the highest ambition sitting with those with no hope just like a prisoner spitting lyrics thats so dope his record's not coming out because he sold dope and he's getting his tea leaves in his breakfast pack canteen 2 packs of burn and the rest is stack like he's simply doing his bird just to rest his back out two weeks and quicker than you guessed he's back to getting he's tea leaves in the breakfast pack and from this many arrests you could guess he's black his is hard life no need to even stress the facts so when beef came he simply kept an extra strap getting locked is like having to run an extra lap after a marathon but even the best can slack and be caught slipping and fall into the next big trap so he's slowly leaving the crime game investing in rap how did i know what was coming though from a very early age i been running snow the judges face wasn't funny though she said my case was black and white like a domino how did i know she would send me down got a 3 stretch for a little green and brown now my girls left car is at the pound house got repossessed barrister don't even make a sound
i been a grinda been a shotter & now i'm a label owner underdogs rising & we plan to turn the table over me i won the war so you bredas there can stay a soldier stay killing each other untill d old bill say its over my gun is solar by night it gets infra red just like the strike of the cobra one bite and its in your head move over before we push you you'll topple like bowling pins you know the rule in d streets the breda thats holding wins and if both bredas are holding it could be over in seconds depending on who pulled out first and let off the weapon some one might be needing a body bag or medics attention and the other out or the run or indefinite detention i'm already out on d run for defensive dispensing of cro old bill get excited when they mention my dough im on the block in a trench in the snow when i was young i was small and skinny my role models were hench selling snow but now i'll bust a bredas face with the chrome its not a threat its a state of mind stop hating cuz im raking in dough i been waiting around to patiently blow and there i learnt that winners dont wait for shit they take it blatantly yo and now i'm here all in your face just like coleone with spida looking to grab your chic soon as shes strolling 'ome so haters can chat all day about how they all holding chrome but its all about who shoots first and gets to be blowing home bruv undadog sauna these trackz are too hot!!!!
when d music stops.... the madness begins happiness outside but sadness within bredas slack those that can be asked all pretend like there men but in the end they following the trend... the politics starts they call it a stain on society we call it an art the bredas that know they stay in the dark while the bredas that don't stay in the light while there out in the park the bullshit commences and normal bredas take leave of all of their senses apprentice bredas get sick of the defensive and take it to the streets to take away the expensive en-route they do the wild and the senseless and choose the most vile men for friendships out 4 vengeance ride in a chariot an army they could rally up
big airklipz been spitting like a maniac way back when i used to watch the animaniacs pinky and the brain fuck the fame where my ladies at tell me where your babies at tell me where your mans at if they're both not here maybe i could play with that tell me where you jam at tell me what your into and I'll ignore it all and tell you plain and simple that i wanna slam that and unless we're getting married i will never nyam that tell me you hate the smell off dutch and we're done as plush as they come (you got to go) but i aint rushing you hun I'm off in a flash if you out for gawping my stash so i meet a chic and front like I'm properly brass just so you know d boy is on point with the flow on d low i could get you a couple boxes off snow but keep that confidential don't want feds in my residential & dragging me court in central for my shotting potential my stick rises at a rate exponential to basic fundamental words you say that tickle my mental and get me going wild harsh words forgotten like eddie murphy in golden child find myself slipping just watching the way you hold a smile and i've been told I'm wild but I'll let you tame me like the winning lotto ticket i might let you claim me if you keep me in a safe place dont restrain me and make sure you visit if boy dem ever detain me yh then maybe we could connect so i'll simply give you my pin and just leave you the rest to decide in your own time, while i slide on to d next fine prime model chic in d line i got my mind on my money cuz my money is time so my heaven would be a permanent state ov rewind cuz im all your hoping to find your dreams in real life you'll see it feels right when my dicks in tight
no subliminals cast in a farce full of criminals bredas playing general still scraping for minimals back in d days white men went robbing for minerals now they got an army worldwide taking gold,diamond, crude oil and charlie under the umbrella of counter terrorism its hardly hard to see theres hardly any fucking terrorist left most died in guantanamo they carpet bombed all the rest and now they coming to my ends to flex chest and demand more tax recycling bought the slave trade back under the cover of a coalition we just get the same shit same tv big brother showing the same tits feeding our minds with mindless crap so your up to date on eastenders but your blind to facts the spineless strapped with weapons given laws to police always arrest the robber while protecting the thief the streets are war the laws we live under are flawed cuz they serve to protect the rich and fuck over the poor its all a fraud and whats more its mostly ignored cuz the rain keeps you concentrating on riding the storm but think was i really only born just to buy shit surrounded by adverts telling me to try shit went to school to make my mind advanced like a hybrid and was told that what you study defines what your life is huh if that was so then we would study God but life's too uneven so i choose to run the odds playing the underdog loud like the thudergod sango hair like his is what lost my mothers love illuminati on my mind soul body i hustle for a living dropping bars is still a hobby that why i see the schemes of the elite i dream that i'm in peace and feen for calm then i awake in an estate surrounded by jake and hate the fate that life seemed to place in my palm but wait maybe im made to be great by telling it straight cuz that what mainly what separates me from the rest of the fakes
I ain't feeling your mandem
let me c where im at let me c where i'll b know i'll hit the party at 12 but will i be there at 3 will i talk to this girl or will i just let her be will i tell her just what she wants to hear to lead her to see that besides what she might think she needs she really needs me to lead so she can follow we'll dance all night & forget about it tomorrow but for now your all i see an open book your eyes are all i read lock of the phone fore u even check the call id now i know i got your attention perfect timing for me to casually just mention my flats quite close and my ride's right outside we could vanish like smoke you say guys treat you like shit well i say your a treasure if this was a film then you'd have to be the director I'm here to please relieve all your stress and your pressure so close your eyes and let me introduce you to pleasure
snitch skit 00:36
i been nicked so many times i thought my bedroom was a cell and my living room was association dont move with me cuz your guilty just by association most niggaz bitches they over focused on procreation nobody sees that their ballots dont reach the polling station and democracy's a fraud to any voting nation parties differ but they are the same they always say the others to blame always say there not there called oppo-sames they make the laws that put us in chains lets call it the new world slave trade your free to do as u please as long as you slave first (so you) slave all your life to accumulate debt bank strips you while you alive and exhumes u in death your ni number's your slave number it helps em to track you down when they start cracking down on slaves who aint slaving thats why the police are well funded cuz the police and the bank managers are well bonded so they steal mills while we steal pennies of them and them of us till some body is empty and then its a war a change in the law even the score but the rich been winning now there just winning more its real


The third installment in the "LDN State Ov Mind" series from Airklipz & RediRob! Featuring original production from RediRob, Jammy Git & Ghosttown & guest appearances from Bill Riddem, Coleone & Suen-yo.


released August 19, 2010

All Tracks Recorded Mixed And Mastered by Red I Rob & Jammy Git at The Kennel Recording Studios, London for Undadog Recordz. Executive Producers - Airklipz & Red I Rob.


all rights reserved



Airklipz Lewisham, UK

My music always means something.

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